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As well as undertaking statutory audits for all sizes of companies, we recognise that not every industry, trade or sector is the same and therefore will not all be managed in the same manner.

We can provide the following specialised audit services:

Interim Audits

An interim audit is usually undertaken during a company’s accounting year. The reason for this being done is to reduce the amount of additional effort and time that goes into conducting an audit following the year end. In addition to this, an interim audit can provide assurance during the financial period focusing on areas which can add value and manage risk.

We have a team of auditors who can perform an internal audit on your behalf both quickly and accurately. Regardless of the size or trade of your company, our team will carry out a professional interim audit which will include the close examination of your financial documents, accounting records, internal controls and stock. We carry out these works to ensure that you remain compliant with the procedures and policies that are inclusive of the final audit as well as providing assurance during the period.

Solicitor Accounts Rules Audit

For many law firms, managing and keeping abreast of all the latest rules laid out by the Solicitors’ Accounts Rules (SAR), can be a challenge. We understand that law firms require a tailored and specific audit to ensure that all compliance requirements are met, as well as to protect themselves from any legal exposure.

Our team of auditors have carried out many solicitors audits over the years and as a direct result; we have the specialist knowledge and experience needed to ensure your accounts are compliant with the rules set out by the SAR. We will work closely with you to prepare your records for reporting to The Law Society as well as to protect your firm from any disciplinary action as a result of non-compliance.

Charity Audit

It is a legal requirement for any charity which has an income higher than the audit threshold in any financial year or is otherwise subject to a related audit clause, to have an audit of its financial records and statements.

Our team of audit specialists have years of experience working closely alongside charities and managing their audits. We understand how important it is to establish strong relationships with our charity clients. Therefore, we will liaise with your Board of Trustees to gain further insight into how well your charity is meeting the Charity Commission’s suggested internal monetary controls. We will professionally audit your accounts and systems to ensure that they provide a comprehensive base for the planning of your annual accounts, in addition to fulfilling the best practice requirements of the Charity Commission.

Estate Agents Rules

According to the Estate Agents Regulations, all estate agents with accounts that record their clients’ funds must be examined and reported on by a qualified auditor.

Our team of registered auditors have a wealth of experience in working with estate agents and ensuring that their financial records and accounts are correctly verified. We understand that the Estate Agent sector is unique in regards to its requirements so as part of our audit, not only will we ensure that your financial records are kept in line with regulations, but we will also work with you in detecting critical areas for improvement.  Throughout the audit process, we will use our expert insight to help you meet your legal obligations, offer productive feedback based on our outcomes and help you to enhance your profitability and business efficiency.

Grant Audits

Grant audits are a highly specialist area within the audit profession, and Thompson Jenner has the relevant skills and expertise to provide this verification.

As a result of businesses becoming more focused on innovation and differentiation, research and development activities are on the rise. Funding for these type of projects is often obtained via grants from government run organisations.

As part of the administration process, businesses are required to report to the donor on their expenditure. Depending on the level of funds received and the expenses reported, audits may require periodic verification by an independent accountant, and we can provide this service in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Academy Audit

We have extensive experience of providing annual audits for Academy Schools, delivered by our team who have specialist knowledge and understanding of the sector. Our annual audits and assurance engagements are seen as an opportunity to provide you with far more than statutory compliance.  We understand that cost is important to you and we have a proven track record in the charitable and public sectors of carrying out cost improvement reviews, which deliver real savings.

Our Partner-led team of academy school specialists is experienced in providing an effective and economic audit service, we are able to assist you with a full range of audit and assurance matters, including:

  • Audit of the financial statements
  • Teachers’ Pension Scheme assurance reporting
  • Regulatory reports
  • UK GAAP reporting
  • Financial accounting
  • Independent controls and systems process assurance
  • Assistance with fundraising for capital and revenue projects

Our experienced and friendly team are always happy to help with any specialist audit issue. Why not give us a call to find out how best you can benefit from our services.

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