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The team at Thompson Jenner have the experience, expertise and software ability to assist you with any form filling or compliance aspects of self-assessment. We can provide you with practical advice on your personal tax position and the planning opportunities available to you.

Although HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) believe all taxpayers can figure out their own tax liabilities and complete their tax returns, the reality is somewhat different. The tax rules and legislation are incredibly complex, and relatively few people who are required to complete tax returns can do it themselves without professional help.

UK Self-Assessment taxpayers have until the 31 October to complete and submit their paper tax return to HMRC. Failure to do so will result in an automatic penalty of £100. For those that file online, the deadline is extended to 31st January. Also if the tax payments are calculated incorrectly, interest, penalties and surcharges can be levied. In reality, any enquiry is often more than a year later, so the extra tax due mounts up.

It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to Self-Assess his or her income, including the Capital Gains . HMRC has the right and opportunity to ‘challenge’ the entries on the tax return by opening an enquiry. The onus is then on the taxpayer to provide evidence to satisfy HMRC that the tax submission is complete and accurate.

The government plans to move away from paper tax returns  in the near future to a fully-online process. Most individuals are to be given personal digital accounts that will allow them to submit tax information regularly in real-time.

We can help you meet your obligations and advise you on the correct figures to include on your tax return as well as calculate your tax liabilities. This reduces the chances of getting it wrong which in turn, reduces the chances of penalties and interest.

Our services include:

  • Calculating your tax liability
  • Completing and filing your tax return on your behalf
  • Advising you on any relevant tax allowances and reliefs
  • Advising you when various payments are due and how much to pay
  • Advising on appropriate record retention
  • Representing you in the event of your being selected for investigation by HMRC

Thompson Jenner has a dedicated tax team with the experience and specialist skills that you require to help with all your self-assessment. Why not give us a call to find out how best you can benefit from our services.

We would love to meet you, which is why we offer all new clients a free, no obligation initial consultation. Click the contact button below to see all the methods to get in touch with us and if you like you can leave an email enquiry with the form provided and we will contact you to arrange a time and date.

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